Sunday, November 17, 2013

Rumors Brian Austin Green Plastic Surgery Before and After Botox Injections and Facelifts

Brian Austin Green Says No Plastic Surgery
Brian Austin Green rose to fame on the popular nighttime soap Beverly Hills 90210, since then he has married movie star 24-year old Megan Fox, a popular movie actress and a big fan of plastic surgery (Read the full story on Megan Fox’s nose job). While Megan has undergone breast augmentation recovery as well as other procedures, Brian has likely not found himself needing anything more than scar cream for non-plastic surgery related scars.

Brian Austin Green Denies Rumors

Brian Austin Green denies he has had cosmetic surgery, but when you are the husband of a walking plastic surgery clinic – Megan Fox, how do you quell all the rumors that keep circulating? You don’t. Brian has been a suspect since 2006 when he was only in his mid thirties. People say he has tightened up his cheeks and face. Even now when they are still such a young good-looking couple, the subject comes up with them because Megan has done so much already. Brian doesn’t like the spotlight of fame very much but its just something they will have to deal with. Just imagine once they get to 40 or God forbid 50. Will the gods grace us with their popular presence for so long? On average Hollywood marriages last about 2.5 years so that gives them another year and a half or so.
Despite being reasonably inactive until several guest appearances on various television programs recently, Brian Austin Green does not look like he has turned to plastic surgery to revitalize his career.

Although his wife has certainly used plastic surgery to her advantage, Brian seems to be aging naturally and still looks good enough to be the hunky love interest on various series.

Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer says, “Brian Austin Green has a naturally rugged look and it does not appear that he has had any cosmetic treatments or surgery.”

Brian Austin Green was rumored to have undergone plastic surgery when he began dating Megan Fox, around 2006, but he likely just started taking better care of himself, to impress his younger wife.