Friday, November 8, 2013

Blake Lively Nose Job Before and After Plastic Surgery Boob Jobs

Blake Christina lively is an American actress born on august 25, 1987.
She began her acting career at the age 11, when she appeared in the film which was directed by lively’s father, sandman.

After seven years she appeared in the film “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants”. She stars in the book based series “Gossip Girl” as Serena van der Woodsen.

Blake Lively nose job .
Blake Lively has done nose job before which she publicly confirmed. There’re too many photos to prove her nose became much smaller than before with the bridge of the nose much narrower!
Blake Lively boob job before and after Blake Lively was rumored to have done plastic surgery of breast implants. If you look at the photos below, her breast seems much smaller larger before and it’s not because of weight gain or pregnant! So the only reason to explain this change is she had done breast implants!

Blake Lively has been perfect example of the classic girl next door after appearing in the film “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants”.
She looked beautiful and gorgeous in the film which is the aid of plastic surgery. She would never been look so gorgeous without her nose job.

She has gone through a very successful Rhinoplasty, which makes her nose look thinner and slimmer with rounded tip.
Blake Lively plastic surgery has changed her figure and now she is smarter and appealing. Her implanted breast is looking much better and bigger than before. Moreover, her nose has changed her outlooks.  Now she has a long as well as narrow nose.  The nasal tips are much improved and thinner now.  The surprising and astonishing factor about Blake Lively is that she had completed her first nose surgery just after the end of her teenage.
Blake Lively plastic surgery can be easily pointed out by viewing her past and present pictures. No doubt, she is one of the great actresses of the world. The media and her long list of fans can easily figure out the difference in her body or face. Though she is denying that her figure is the result of her conscious diet, and exercise but it is not difficult for us to see that the bigger size of the breast is the result of plastic surgery. Weight gain or exercise can not change the cup size so prominently. One more fact of her plastic surgery is related to her nose. How can a flat nose be changed in to smart and long nose with the help of diet or exercise?