Monday, November 25, 2013

Britt Ekland Plastic Surgery Facelift, Nose Job and Botox Injections Before and After

The Swedish actress and musician, Britt-Marie Eklund (better known as Britt Ekland) has long been famous for her glamorous lifestyle, her successful career, and her famous romances. She got to play a Bond girl in the film The Man with the Golden Gun, and married actor Peter Sellers. Her swinging social life and good looks always got her noticed, but now as she gets older it would seem she’s desperate to get her youthful looks back with plastic surgery.
Like many aging beauties, Britt Ekland has gone for the Botox makeover. While she may have also had a mini-facelift, the evidence of Botox is most strong on her face. It would also appear that she’s had a breast augmentation.

Britt Ekland has admitted to having plastic surgery in the past, claiming that plastic surgery is great but it should only be used by people over 40. "I think it's wonderful. But there should be an age limit. It should be absolutely forbidden for anyone under 40. It's for older people - to lift the chin here and take a couple of crow's feet out there - not for young people who want to be bigger and plumper or thinner," Ekland explained.
Judging by her recent appearances, it is clear that Ekland has gone too far with plastic surgery in a desperate attempt for everlasting beauty as she is now the latest victim of trout pout and a windswept-looking face.

In spite of her youthful complexion, possibly an indication of collagen injections and a face lift, Ekland's lips are too puffed up, the result of an over zealous lip enhancement using a filler like Restylane or even collagen.

Despite having undergone many plastic surgery procedures, Ekland revealed that she is not a fan of botox. She previously talked about how Nicole Kidman apparently has over-done it on Botox after watching her in "Cold Mountain". "Her face was neither sad nor glad - nor anything. She was just like a painted doll, I thought: "Why would she do that?,"" Ekland was quoted as saying.

In an interview before her show "Britt on Britt" during the Edinburgh Festival in 2008 in Scotland, Ekland stated she's not worried about no longer being labeled a "sex kitten": "I guess you could say that I was a sex kitten until I was 54. I'm a bit long in the tooth to be a sex symbol. I have three beautiful children; two sons and Victoria, my daughter I had with Peter. My eldest son, Nikolai, is getting married to a lovely girl later this year and I can't wait to become a grandmother. I celebrate my age and I'm happy because I believe in staying fit and healthy and slim. I look pretty good, my skin is clear and I'm happy with my hair, even if it's no longer quite so glorious as it used to be. As for plastic surgery, I have no problems with having work done on my face," Ekland admitted.
She has used Botox injections in areas of her face like the forehead, eyes, cheeks, and jawline. Her smile has already started to look strained as the Botox begins to freeze any motion in the bottom part of her face. Her naturally big eyes are now frozen open thanks to the Botox, and she has clear signs of plump Botox cheeks.

Even though she’s middle-aged, Britt appears to go bra-free, with her breasts still rather perky. This shows that she’s definitely had a breast augmentation. Without at least a breast lift, and most likely breast implants too, there’s no way a woman of her age could have avoided the natural sag in the bust that comes with time.

Former Bond Girl Britt Ekland Admits to Plastic Surgery
Britt Ekland has led a very adventurous life. Recently the former Bond girl admitted to having plastic surgery, as well as other adventurous details about her life.

The former Bond girl who starred with Roger Moore in 1974′s The Man With the Golden Gun has opened up about her life as she prepares for a one woman show about her life and loves, including Peter Sellers and Rod Stewart.
“I think it’s wonderful,” Britt is quoted as saying, “But there should be an age limit. It should be absolutely forbidden for anyone under 40.”

“It’s for older people – to lift the chin here and take a couple of crow’s feet out there -not for young people who want to be bigger and plumper or thinner.”
In the past, Britt has also trash talked Nicole Kidman and Victoria Beckham for their overdone plastic surgery appearances.
It's obvious that Britt Ekland has had plastic surgery in her later years. This first before and after photo shows that she got Botox around her eyes as well her jawline. Also, her overuse of mascara and eyeshadow make her eyes do a "super pop." She's always had big eyes, so the extra makeup isn't really necessary.