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Has Elizabeth Berkley had Plastic Surgery Photos Breast Implants, Nose Jobs Before and After

Elizabeth Berkley Lauren, or Elizabeth Berkley, is best known for her role in the television series, Saved by the Bell as Jessie Spano. Talking about her youthful look, many people guessed that the 40 year old woman has ever gone under the knife. The rumors appeared based on her current look, which people think a bit different than before. The rumors are that she had a breast augmentation, botox injections and nose job.
Has Elizabeth Berkley Had Cosmetic Surgery?
There are fans everywhere who are wondering that exact same thing and we are going to try to put an end to all of those questions you have been asking.
Many of you are probably familiar with Elizabeth Berkley for her role as Jessie Spano in Saved By The Bell.
Elizabeth Berkley was born on July 28, 1972, she played in that show for years before spawning into other roles later on. Some people may recognize her as the star in the movie Showgirls or her role on the series CSI: Miami as the mother of Horatio’s son.
She has done other things along the way as well but, this is what most people will probably associate her with is one of the above roles.
The first suspect, talking about her breasts, you can see the change in the size of her breasts.  Her new breasts look fuller and bigger than before. It looks like the had the boob job to increase her confidence. THe second set of rumors target her face, which looks smooth and wrinkle free. We can’t see any lines on her forehead, causing people to speculate that she had a botox injection to remove any lines. If she did, it turned out well.

And the last suspect is her nose. Elizabeth Berkley, the stripper from Showgirl, has changed her nose to be a bit different. Rumor is that she did it to create a new perception of her character in real life. She’s had some great work done, although some think that she looks too young for her age. What do you think?
Did Elizabeth Go Under The Knife?
There are numerous reports on what people believe Elizabeth Berkley has had done, in terms of plastic surgery.
Many people report that she has had a nose job to make her appearance different and separate herself from her role in Showgirls.
For that role many people believe she underwent breast augmentation as well, so she could fit the part better.
Her neck appears to be thinner than what it was in the past so, it is possible that she had liposuction performed to thin out her appearance (see also Erica Durance plastic surgery).
Botox and microdermabrasion are also a possibility when you look at how well her face looks and how well she has aged over the years.
It was only recently that people started noticing how smooth her face appeared and this is why everyone believes that she has had botox injections and fillers used to keep up her youthful looking appearance.
Elizabeth Berkley Before and After Pictures?
When you look at how Elizabeth Berkley looked from her Saved By The Bell years and how she looks now, it is hard to tell if she has had much of anything done if she is indeed one of the many plastic surgery celebrities.
The only thing that many people wonder about when they look at her pictures is the breast augmentation and how thin and youthful she looks.
Her face and skin appear as smooth as ever and she doesn’t look like she has aged much over the years.
She appears to be in great shape and has a beautiful appearance that many others would probably love to have themselves.

The main reason why people started suspecting Elizabeth Berkley plastic surgery is her ability to look as beautiful and youthful as she did many years ago, even though she is now in her 40s. Some of these rumors have been following actress for a few years now – people were suspecting rhinoplasty procedure and breast augmentation. The more recent rumors are concentrating on actress’s face – it is thought that she might be using Botox and other injectable fillers to keep her youthful appearance. Also, some people think that Elizabeth might have gotten a face lift, because her face appears smooth and there aren’t any wrinkles around her eyes.

However, none of these rumors have been confirmed by the actress herself and for now they are only speculations, nothing more. For now, the only evidence is photo comparisons, which aren’t a very reliable source of information. We should not forget that some of the photos might have been altered with photo editing programs, also, even such small things as lighting and view angle can make a big difference in how person’s face appears in the photo.

Also, different make-up can create a false illusion that certain characteristics on person’s face have been changed. One way or another, even if Elizabeth Berkley really did have plastic surgery, it was done very professionally and have only made actress look more beautiful. The changes that we can see on her face are very subtle and it is not even clear if she has had a plastic surgery or the changes have occurred naturally.
All things considered, there is no way to tell if the rumors about Elizabeth Berkley plastic surgery are true. For now, there is no obvious proof which could help us answer this question and it will probably stay this way until Elizabeth will decide to talk about it. One thing is clear – Elizabeth Berkley certainly isn’t a victim of bad celebrity plastic surgery. Even if she has gone under the knife, the procedures were very subtle and have only made actress look more youthful and beautiful.

There is also an estimation that Berkley's breast size many have increased due to weight gain.

In addition to a boob job, Elizabeth Berkley was also rumored to have gotten a conservative nose job and liposuction as well to make her appearance different and separate herself from her role in "Showgirls".

Some doctors insist that Berkley's neck looks thinner than what it was in the past, so it is possible that she had liposuction performed to thin out her appearance.
New York plastic surgeon Dr. Shafer was quoted as saying: "After viewing the pictures, I suspect that Elizabeth has had some nose work, but it is hard to tell for sure. In some views, her neck appears thinner as well, which may indicate some liposuction was performed."

In some views, Elizabeth's face appears very smooth, a possible sign of dermal fillers and botox.

Aesthetic plastic surgery Dr. Sherrell Aston explained: "Elizabeth Berkley is beautiful woman and is aging very well. It is possible that she is using Botox and micro-dermabrasion to keep her face looking so good. It is also possible the she underwent Breast Augmentation Surgery based on her before and after photographs."

Also, some people assume that Elizabeth Berkley might have gotten a facelift, because her face doesn't show any wrinkles.