Thursday, February 20, 2014

Elizabeth Taylor Nose Jobs Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Elizabeth Taylor was the dark-haired beauty who defined her generation of Hollywood actresses. Today, Liz is a senior citizen, but she still makes her beauty a priority! As do many glamorous celebrities, as she’s gotten older she’s refused to look the part. While it is clear she’s had plastic surgery, there’s no denying that she’s looking great for her age!
According to many rumors, not many people are aware that Liz was an avid user of plastic surgery.

Belonging to the old school, Taylor never opened up about the several plastic surgeries she underwent but it was rumored that she had her first encounter with the plastic surgeon's knife when she was still in her twenties when she booked herself in for a very slight nose job. Over the course of her lifetime, Taylor reportedly had a total of four facelifts.
Of course Elizabeth wouldn’t ever do anything to drastically change her signature look like completely swapping out one facial feature for another, but she has used a mix of anti-aging cosmetic procedures to keep her face looking as fresh as possible. It would appear that she has used a combination of at least one facelift and Botox injections to achieve this.

It’s clear by looking at the skin on any area that’s not her face, that Liz has had a facelift. Her arms and neck both show excessive sagging skin, which is very normal for someone as old as she is. Her face, however, still looks like someone 20 years younger (which still wouldn’t be all that young, but younger than her natural age at least)! Her facelift was well done to not be too tight and alien-looking, but to still help her pull some of her loose skin back.
It’s clear that she has used Botox injections to firm the skin on nearly all of her face. There are some spots which are more obvious than others like her forehead, cheeks, around her eyes, and around her mouth. She has done well to not get so much Botox that she looks like she’s wearing a ‘Liz Taylor’ wax mask! Many celebrities fall into this trap, and really aren’t fooling a soul by not having wrinkles at 60 years-old and above.

Taylor became a longtime patient and friend of "Plastic Surgeon to the Stars" Dr. Steven Hoefflin, even though he was accused by medical assistants of insulting patients, including her, while they were unconscious on the operating table. A lawsuit they filed against him was settled out of court and Hoefflin later claimed that the assistants retracted their charges and apologized.
According to reports, that incident took place in the 1990s, when Liz was married to her seventh and last husband, Larry Fortensky, who was 20 years her junior. In the lawsuit, Hoefflin's medical assistants revealed he commented about Taylor while she was under anesthesia during a treatment, stating: "What's a young guy doing with this old stuff?"

It has to be noted that another extremely popular celebrity patient of Dr Hoefflin was the late Michael Jackson.
As Taylor got older and botox arrived on the scene she began to visit a Los Angeles dermatologist and botox specialist Dr. Arnold Klein, who also had Michael Jackson as a patient for many years. Needless to say that Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson became great pals and it may well have been that they exchanged their views on different skin care techniques.