Thursday, February 6, 2014

Dolly Parton Plastic Surgery Before and After Breast Implants, Botox Injections, Nose Jobs

Dolly Parton has reportedly undergone secret surgery in a bid to stave off the threat of cancer.

Following dramatic weight loss the country superstar is believed to have had a five-hour operation to insert an implant into her esophagus to control her gastroesophageal reflux disease.
While Dolly Parton is said to have suffered from the illness for years it is understood to have recently worsened leading to the petite 5ft1 star losing 20lbs.

A major risk factor of the disorder is the development of esophageal cancer, which is a particularly deadly form of the disease.

Dolly Parton Flaunts Her Figure By Plastic Surgery Attempts
Dolly Parton is the renowned music singer as well as songwriter. She is a well known actress. She has been working in the showbiz since her teenage. She has spent the golden time period of her life in serving her fans. She has melodious and a God gifted  voice. She is 57 years old now and has given the title of surgery queen . Nowadays, she is the circle of media gossips due to her incredible appearance. She has blonde hair, tight skin and well shaped breast. Dolly Parton plastic surgery is the main focus of chit chat in American society. She is a straightforward lady and has admitted about surgical treatments.
Dolly Parton likes to flaunt her appealing figure but it is true that her breast size has enormously increased now. She is an honest lady and has confessed in her interviews about breast augmentation. Still, it is in rumors that she went under the knife for breast surgeries to increase, lift or decrease the size of boobs. Dolly Parton plastic surgery has vanished  her aging effects.

According to a detailed report in the National Enquirer doctors implanted a state-of-the-art medical device into the 67-year-old's esophagus.
'Dolly knew something had to be done or she could die,' a source told the tabloid.

'Her weight was dropping dramatically, she was chugging antacid medication, and she couldn't eat anything but soft, bland foods.'
Different well-known surgeons have given their suggestions about her appearance. They state that Dolly Parton plastic surgery has kept her young and attractive. She has got the experience of Rhinoplasty, Botox injections, chin implantation, brow lift, and neck skin etc.  Furthermore, the fans of Dolly Parton love to see her gorgeous and charming forever. In fact, they do not expect that Dolly Parton will over-use the plastic surgery treatments as some of the other celebrities have done. It makes a face freaky and horrible. Michael Jackson was a victim of plastic surgery and had lost his manly looks. It is assumed that Dolly Parton experience the first plastic surgery in 1980 and since she has been visiting her plastic surgeons to maintain her good looks.

Dolly Parton explains that showbiz is a unique world where old and wrinkled faces can’t stay. In order to be the center of attraction, she has to maintain her appearance. For this purpose, she has spent a large amount of money on Botox injections, chemical peeling, face lifting, fat injections, and liposuctions. Unlike many other actresses, Dolly Parton plastic surgery shows her contented nature. She doesn’t want to become an example of bad plastic surgery. Her efforts are related to keeping herself young and attractive.
When we are talking about Dolly Parton plastic surgery, there is really no need to create speculations. She isn’t ashamed to admit that she has had many plastic surgeries and she feels comfortable talking about it publicly. The long list of Dolly Parton plastic surgery procedures includes numerous face lifts, breast augmentation and reduction, numerous breast lifts, brow lift, upper and lower blepharoplasty, fat grafting, chin implant and lip fillers. If we look at some of the photo comparisons, we can see how much her appearance has changed over the years.
It seems that Dolly Parton plastic surgery journey began in early 80s. If we compare the photos which were taken before her plastic surgeries and compare them with the most recent one’s, we will see that she looks like a totally different person. Furthermore, her face looks very unnatural and has that “plastic” looking appearance which happens when a person has had way too many plastic surgery procedures. Some people have even compared her with Michael Jackson and Jocelyn Wildenstein. Both of them are known for their terrible experiences with plastic surgery. Even if Dolly Parton would suddenly decide to age naturally, her looks wouldn’t be the same and the damage that has been done to her face would be still visible.
All in all, there is no doubt that most of the rumors about Dolly Parton plastic surgery are true. Singer isn’t afraid to talk about her experiences with plastic surgery and gladly answers all of the questions about it. We can be sure that when she’ll decide to get another plastic surgery, we will hear all about it. However, it would be interesting to see how Dolly Parton would have looked like if she would have made a decision to age gracefully. There is a big possibility that she would have looked much better than she looks now, but we will never know.