Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Nigella Lawson Plastic Surgery Before and After Botox Injections and Weight Loss

Has Nigella Lawson Had Plastic Surgery?
Being an attractive celebrity that’s well into her middle years, Nigella Lawson finds herself in a similar situation to Halle Berry. However, while Berry has vehemently denied the use of plastic surgery, it appears that Lawson hasn’t really dedicated much time to answering accusations leveled at some of the worst plastic surgery celebrities.

This of course doesn’t give her fan base any sort of opinion to go off of, leaving them wondering just what the fuss, precisely, is all about.

The accusations seem to be that Lawson has (or that she needs depending on the source) used plastic surgery for her hair to cover up spots where she’s gone or begun to go bald. This is the most concrete accusation that’s come up, though there are the usual run of the mill accusations of cosmetic procedures used to stay young that any other celebrity will get flak for.

Unlike Jocelyn Wildenstein’s plastic surgery pictures, Nigella Lawson is still normal looking and in fact is quite attractive by nearly anyone’s standards.

However, given the area that the plastic surgery is supposed to cover, it’s difficult to see whether or not Lawson’s hair has grown back naturally, has been implanted and grown or if it’s just been covered up.

While there are shots of her in 2011 that revealed some of her graying roots and patchy sections, there doesn’t appear to have been much done more recently.

The other problem, of course, is that hair is perhaps the easiest thing to camouflage. This becomes even more true when you have an entire staff of cosmetic professionals that can look out for your attractiveness and well being.

All you’d need is a clever style and the right comb with the right product, and small areas can be easily hidden and camouflaged so that viewers would never even know.
And though she hasn’t spoken specifically on this, Lawson’s general statements appear to go against the grain of cosmetic surgery.

She’s happy with her body, and she’s said on the record that people who are healthier on the inside tend to look better and feel happier on the outside.

Those are pretty strong words, and they give an overall impression that the Nigella Lawson plastic surgery speculations might not have much basis in fact.

Nigella Lawson plastic surgery becomes the hot news which is often talked among people. She is well known because of her skill on cooking. She is also well known to be a chef and also a cooking host in TV program of cooking. Beside that, what makes Nigella Lawson completely famous is about her body and look which is always stunning.

At her age, around fifty, she looks really young and also sexy. She looks ten years younger than her real age. She is rumored to have a plastic surgery in 2010, to make her face and body look younger and sexier.

We can see a lot of great beauty on her even though she is at the age of fifty two. That is why Nigella Lawson plastic surgery becomes a trending issue. She does not look old, even she looks forty rather than fifty. Her skin looks firm and smooth without a lot of lines there. It indicates that she possibly has a surgery to stay young. She also looks slim even though she is a chef and also a cooking host which require her to eat much. It is like a result of having a liposuction to take off all the fat.

Is She Having a Plastic Surgery to Look Younger?
Besides the indications above, she also looks to have a bad hair. It can be as an indication of having a surgery.

However, Dr. Michael Salzhauer as a plastic surgeon said that it can be only a time when she has a bad hair. It can be caused by some factors, such like stress or even having an over do styling for her hair. In an occasion, Nigella did not admit that she did a surgery.

The young and slim look is obtained not from Nigella Lawson surgery but from her health life habit with healthy foods and also exercises. She said that she loves her body and do not need that procedure.

Nigella Lawson has too much plastic surgery over the years.  Because of her facelifts and Botox injections she's had many different looking faces.  Her cheeks look very full now which is probably due to facial fillers.  With her plastic surgery she was able to eradicate any saggyness on her face. Here's Nigella Lawson before and after multiple cosmetic surgery operations.