Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Has Nikki Cox Had Plastic Surgery Before and After Lip Implants and Breast Implants

Remember Nikki Cox? She had a pretty extensive and successful acting career that started in the early 90′s. She was known for her beautiful smile and the gorgeous actress was often cast as a love interest or for a “hot chick” type roll. So what exactly happened to Nikki Cox and why did her career suddenly die? Three words: bad plastic surgery…
Nikki Cox started her amazing career in the 90s. She was famous for her attractive and lovely smile. She was a successful actress and mostly cast for hot chick roles.  Suddenly her career declined and there was a great reason behind spoiled career. Nikki Cox Plastic surgery  was the topmost reason of her dead  career.

Nikki Cox plastic surgery  is an example of freaking and horrible looks. In recent years, thousand of suspicions have been raised due to changed looks of Nikki Cox.  Many specialists have called her surgery as a stone cold fact at the back of her ugly appearance. Nikki Cox is an American famous actress, who has crossed her early 30s. She has worked in various TV shows. There are rumors regarding her artificial looks. We do not have proofs for her surgical attempts but the only evidence  that can show her changed appearance is her pictures.

It is common that celebrities like to undergo plastic surgeries and modify their appearance. Hence, Nikki Cox plastic surgery has produced drastic effects on her appearance. It is definitely due to the excessive use of surgical treatments.  Her changed features are so significant that an untrained eye can easily spot out the differences.

Nikki Cox plastic surgery  has not only changed her lips shape but also effected on her face. Her upper lips are extremely wider in appearance it doesn’t suit her personality. Her breast are not only bigger in size but also looked as if something has pushed them up. It is due to the use of large size silicon pads. However, it might be true that some of the changes will be the outcome of her weight reductions, lifestyle and diet. Nikki Cox has not accepted the wild spread rumors. She has straightforwardly denied the use of Botox injections and fillers. Nobody  can believe in her given statements because her lips are telling the truth. If we look at her present pictures then the first thing that can astonish  a person is her fuller and wider size of lips. It is clearly proved by many surgeons that she has used fillers in her lips. Plastic surgery is a procedure to enhance the beauty and to conceal the defects regarding face and figure. It has been noticed that such treatments should be used cautiously, otherwise the outcomes will be horrible or unnatural.
Perhaps it’s just a coincidence that the last time Nikki Cox was cast in a tv show or movie was before she had a horribly botched lip augmentation surgery in 2008, but we don’t think so. Not only did bad plastic surgery ruin Nikki Cox’s natural good looks, it caused her acting career to come to a grinding halt and the only work she has been able to score since than, is voiceover work. Yes, that’s right. Nikki went from leading lady rolls to voice work for cartoons and a talking poodle, thanks to one too many nips and tucks.

Nikki Cox through the yearsNikki Cox before and after bad plastic surgery
So what has Nikki had done and where did she go wrong? Early in her career, Nikki Cox got breast implants and they seemed to be well suited for her body type, plus, big fake boobs were exceedingly popular in the early 90′s. Around 2005, Nikki started dabbling with Botox and facial fillers, which seemed to be okay until something drastic happened in 2008. It appears that Nikki opted for a more drastic (and sadly, permanent) solution to her love of lip fillers and had a lip augmentation with some sort of permanent filler or implants. Nikki’s smile went from big and beautiful to overstuffed and unnatural, and the super-sized trout pout does nothing for her looks. The 34-year old actress has cute, but small features and her gigantic lips not only looks ridiculous, but it makes her already small nose and eyes look even smaller.

Unfortunately for Nikki, once you have botched plastic surgery on your face, there is little that you can do about. Corrective surgeries never fully reverse the damage done and sometimes it will just make it worse. It’s sad to see woman permanently ruin their natural good looks while on a quest for ill-conceived plastic perfection. Nikki is just another celebrity that can be added to the list of stars whose career’s were ruined by bad plastic surgery.

Lip Implants: The worst!
The first noticeable change people spotted in 90′s star was her lips. She used to have small and lips of a normal human being. But now it turned to a muppet like one. See the photos, it seems fuller than before. It has been done by lip augmentation only. The process is done by injecting dermal fillers right into lips and thereby increasing the volume. Sadly she was another victim of lip implants fail.
It is ugly and would look better without the injections done. Isn’t it? Natural ones are always better. We’ve seen many celebrities who had faced their worst luck in plastic surgery life. Nikki Cox is another unlucky celebrity who had ruined her face by undergoing plastic surgery. Well, not too bad but still she looks so odd and fake. She used to be look cute and had a genuine smile before. Nikki really did not have to mess up her face by doing this.

Breast Implants: It’s OK.
Have you noticed her breast in before and after photos? Her size of breasts got changed. Nikki Cox had done breast implants also. The new fuller and tear drop shaped breasts suits her well. In old photos, all we can see is a pair of saggy breasts. And now it is more rounded and has more volume. It could be done by breast augmentation only.
Well, it is not looking weird or fake. The reason for this natural look is that she had done it in normal amount. The new size is 34DD. That is actually normal among celebrities. Mostly the celebrities choose 36DD or more. Fortunately our celebrity Nikki’s decision was perfect. It suits with her 5’7″ body height.

But some people are saying her breasts are real and the change was made by using push up bra. While going through the pictures, I can’t believe it. There’s a big change in volume, which can’t be easily done by alternative methods.

Eyelid surgery: But why?

The next thing about Nikki Cox is her eyes. Her eyes seem wide and open. And the eyebrows also have a healthy and more stuffy look. She probably has done eye lid surgery to widen her eyes. Nikki thought that the narrow eyes would make her more beauty. Unfortunately, her failed lip implants ruined the beauty of whole face.