Monday, May 27, 2013

Catherine Hicks Plastic Surgery Before and After LIps Injections

Catherine Hicks Liposuction: Reducing Her Shape
Catherine Hicks has been rumored for being an avid fan of plastic surgeries. In fact, she had already have almost all the plastic surgery procedures which you might think of. Recently, she was rumored of having liposuction. Hmm. Could this be the reason why she looks sexier these day? It could be also because of her too much diet but I guess this could not be attained instantly with pure diet alone.
Catherine Hicks Lip Injection: Fuller Lip Size
Catherine Hicks has been rumored again of having a plastic surgery procedure done on her face. This time, she got some lip injections. I totally admired this star because she always have her own way to make her face look beautiful while she struggles to fight the signs of aging. We could never deny that all of us are getting old, but this star was able to manage this process and still remains beautiful.