Friday, May 17, 2013

Carrot Top Plastic Surgery Before and After Botox and Browlift

I would love to say that if comedian Carrot Top seeing him before and after plastic surgery disaster picture, he must be regretting those whole dumb decisions. Its because Carrot Top physical appearance that probably as the result from plastic surgery seems very horrible and like  a disaster. Instead to make his appearance looks better compared than before, after a plastic surgery procedure Carrot Top seems has botched his own face. 48 years old Carrot Top that best known with his bright red hair  and self-deprecating humor may hasn’t admitted each plastic surgery rumor that was accused to him. But looking at or comparing his before and after plastic surgery disaster, we can conclude that there is something wrong with his face. Carrot Top himself was accused has Botox, brow lift and other skin treatment from chemical peeling or laser. By comparing Carrot Top before and after plastic surgery disaster picture, we may notice that he seems overdone it that make his face botched and awful.

By comparing Carrot Top before and after photos, we can notice that he has too much Botox due his obsession to stay ageless. It can be seen from his eyebrow that looks unnaturally very  arched, more that Nicole Kidman has. It’s creating something asymmetrical in his facial appearance. Before we may see Carrot Top aging naturally, but after conducting aggressive Botox, his face looks very terrible and being a disaster. Actually his facial skin is quite smooth but it’s extremely smoother compared than before plastic surgery for Botox was conducted. After the plastic surgery for Botox, Carrot Top has awkward oily and melted expression. Sometimes it was combined with stiff, frozen and immobile forehead that make his appearance seem disaster compared than before. Plastic Surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn notes on his blog after analyzing Carrot Top before and after plastic surgery picture. The doctor writes that it’s true that probably Carrot Top has an excessive plastic surgery procedure that possibly from the combination of Botox and Browlift procedure.

As I said before comparing Carrot Top before and after picture we can see that his eyebrow is extremely arched. It probably despite Botox, Browlift also take a role there. It’s probable that before the procedure was conducted, Carrot Top want to abolish wrinkles and want to make the area between eyebrow looks smooth and free from wrinkle. But due his aggressive brow lift, Carrot Top eyebrow looks too elevated and unnaturally asymmetric. Despite Browlift, Plastic surgeon Dr. John Di Saia also revealed that Carrot Top probably has chemical peeling and laser treatment too. But it seems that he is too obsessed with it seems that his face looks pale and weird after the procedure done.

I won’t say that Carrot Top is used to good looking but it seems that he is much better before the plastic surgery was conducted. But due its his personal decision, I think Carrot Top already knows his dumb matters by undergoing plastic surgery by looking at his before and after plastic surgery disaster.

In fact, there was no reason to do all these operations, there was no broken nose or something. It’s just his thing.
As a result, 8000 facelifts and a freakish appearance ;) One more freak.
He was like that in 1994. Look what he has become.

If we are talking about operation without any logical sense, than we must say more about Carrot Top. After his natural look which reminded people maybe on Irish, red hair, positive attitude now he became a total freak of the night. He has done more than more than 800 face lifts and face refresh.

Can you imagine what happen here?

I think Hollywood is like that, if people don’t think you are beautiful you must achieve it in every other sense of the word. This is where the mistakes are happening. No one should change because the market of pretty faces says so. If you aren’t happy with your look than there is nothing but the answer for you and that is bad luck for all the young actors.

When you are young you shouldn’t listen to people ideas about beauty, rear the ones that are born wonderful and even that is not the reality for them because they don’t think about themselves in that way. You shouldn’t behave like someone who can’t live without other approvals.

Carrot Top plastic surgery is a perfect example of the bad decision and a mess in his head. If you are thinking about something similar you the pictures on the internet and look what can happen. Don’t be the one who will destroy your life because of the glory. There doesn’t have to be flashlight around you, today people do it because they don’t want to be in the shadow of the others. That is why you must be what you are and feel free not to make mistakes like Carrot Top plastic surgery.

World is scary these days because no one really listens to do doctors advices, no one really cares about consequences of the plastic surgery. Don’t be someone who will be Carrot Top plastic surgery twin brother, or twin sister. Sometimes you can see examples like this in Hollywood alley. Life is too short for you to be like someone else. Carrot Top is perfect example of the how Hollywood can transform people. Decide to be yourself and not to pay to much attention to the others and plastic surgeries.

Carrot Top plastic surgery is clear to be the best move in the history of the plastic surgeries. Today it is the obvious example of what you can not do if you want to be special. Carrot Top plastic surgery will make you see all the advantages of the natural beauty and how important is too see that you are beautiful no matter how you look, because you can always be better with just a little make up.

Carrot Top had shocking plastic surgery around 2007.  He went from scrawny weirdo to creepy buff dude before and after the cosmetic surgery.  His procedures were Botox injections and a face lift. Here's Carrot Top before and after plastic surgery.  Look at how stretched his face is and how puffy his cheeks are.  Also, he's clearly wearing eye liner and some kind of eyebrow coloring.