Sunday, May 19, 2013

Carson Kressley Plastic Surgery Before and After Lips Photos

Carson Kressley’s Up And Down Battle With His Lips

Star of Queer Eye For The Straight Guy and How To Look Good Naked, fashion expert and professional funny man Carson Kressley has been facing rumors that he got a surgeon’s tip for a lower lip by having a lip augmentation. Having always had a pouty upper lip, Carson began matching top and bottom a few years back when his- lower lip went from pencil thin to full out of nowhere, sparking rumors that he got a lip implant. However, in his recent stint on Dancing With The Stars, his smackers looked very unmodified, with a thin lower lip and to be honest, a fairly thin upper lip as well. This looks less like surgery, and more like he gets Botox injections, but doesn’t always keep up with them. You have to wonder what the rest of the “fab five” (his co-stars on Queer Eye, not the 1990s Michigan Basketball Team) would have to say about his lack of upkeep, you can bet that they wouldn’t approve…but they’d say it sassy-er than that.

The Lehigh Valley's Carson Kressley dished about growing up gay in Allentown and revealed he's had a Carson3 nose job during an online interview for Talk Stoop.

Carson whose new show "Carson Nation" has been a hit for the new Oprah Winfrey Network, sat down on the web chat for NBC.

"I grew up as a little gay kid in a small town of Allentown PA, which was really conservative," Carson said adding that he was "picked on all day at school."

He said the experience makes him better able to connect with the people he's "making better" in his new show since he knows what it's like to be not proud of things about yourself.

Now he says he encouraged everyone to "get out there and be proud."

He also said he had a "soft coming out" to his parents saying his parents didn;t know he was gay until his star-making turn on the Bravo makeover show in 2003.

"You don't really say 'mom and dad I'm gay," he said. "You say I have a new show called "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy," check it out."

He also revealed he had indulged in a little plastic surgery and said he felt it was OK to have "little things that make you feel better about yourself" done.