Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Betty White Plastic Surgery Before and After Eyelid and Facelift

Betty White admits to having plastic surgery?
I recently read an article about Betty White, where she discussed her Hollywood friends who have had plastic surgery. She said she found many are now unrecognizable to her, due to having too many cosmetic procedures. She then stated that she is glad she has never ‘gone under the knife’.
Betty White recently admitted to having plastic surgery…in 1976! The 89-year old Hollywood icon initially regretted her decision to go under the knife, but is now happy that she had a blepharoplasty (eyelid lift).

In a recent interview about her new book, Betty White gave her 2 cents about plastic surgery:

“It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature! But in 1976 I had my eyelids done. I scolded myself forever, but now I’m glad I did it.“
Betty White ‘fesses up about plastic surgery

Spunky Betty White, 89, recently admitted that she’s a member of a large and disreputable club: celebrities who deceive their fans by getting plastic surgery yet denying they have done so.
As recently as last year, she was saying “she’s glad she hasn’t gone under knife — and wishes her old friends followed in her footsteps and grew old gracefully.”

But now she has written a new memoir, “If You Ask Me,” in which she says:
“It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature! But in 1976 I had my eyelids done. I scolded myself forever, but now I’m glad I did it.”
Photos of White show that she wasn’t in great need of surgical help before the 1976 operation, but that the procedure did tighten some loose skin around her eyes.
She is such a popular figure that Betty White hasn’t faced much criticism for her deception.  Plastic surgeon and blogger Dr. John Di Saia of San Clemente and Orange was one of the few who needled her. He said her friends in Hollywood did follow her example, but not by heeding the advice she gave last year:
“In the big picture, her friends are following in her footsteps. They are telling the press they haven’t and won’t have plastic surgery. Then later they are having it.”
White is merely the most recent actress to admit her membership in the Just Say No (But Really Yes) club.

The membership rolls are extensive, but largely secret. Here are a few of the members:
Actress Lisa Rinna denied for many years that she had gotten cosmetic enhancements, even though the evidence of her unfortunate injections of silicone was plain to anyone who looked at her lips.
Actress Nicole Kidman confessed in January that she had been using Botox even while she denied it.