Monday, October 14, 2013

Barbara Walters Plastic Surgery Facelift, Nose Job Before and After

Barbara Walters plastic surgery rumor is growing wild nowadays. The daytime TV anchor has recently appeared with a very tight and unnatural looking; in fact she is no longer young. So then, many celebrity watchers and celebrity gossip websites start to speculate that she has had a deal with plastic surgery.
A couple of months ago we heard that Elisabeth Hasselbeck was leaving The View, she was reportedly pushed out for being “too right wing” and polarizing viewers. She’s been there for 10 years, so it seemed more like they were trying to mix up the panel rather than anyone being surprised by the same crap she’s been spewing daily. At that time, Joy Behar announced that she was vacating as co-host as well, and that she plans to leave her 16 year post when her contract runs out in August.

Then just last month co-host Whoopi Goldberg had some hilariously candid things to say about her job. She made it clear that she phones it in for a paycheck, explaining “I take a paycheck every other week. That’s all I do. I could give a sh-t what comes. I do my job. I have a contract. That’s where I stand. I don’t give a f-ck.” I want to hear Whoopi’s thoughts on the fact that her boss, The View’s creator Barbara Walters, is finally announcing her retirement at 83. Walters suffered an accident and hospitalization earlier this year and has only been on the television panel sporadically. She will finally step down in 2014, but assures us that the show will continue without her:

I’ve covered Barbara Walters many times and I didn’t realize that she’s 83 years old. Her plastic surgery is obvious but well done. I assumed she was in her mid 70s tops. Barbara is at an age where it seems inevitable that she steps down, but you get the impression that she’s holding on because she doesn’t want to lose control of her empire. She should have left back in 2007 when she got into that big to-do with Rosie O’Donnell. Remember that? Rosie and Barbara couldn’t shut up about it. Barbara was in yet another public feud with a different ex host, Star Jones, whom she trashed in her memoir. At that point Barbara was in her late 70s. She should have seen the writing on the wall earlier than this.
If we are taking a comparison of her photos through the years, it is undeniable that Barbara Walters appears with extremely fresh and younger look. Many think that she has had a full facelift and some other minor treatment to fight the aging signs.

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Ashkan Ghavami says “Barbara Walters is likely having a facelift combined with filler injection”. She looks 20 years younger than her real age.

Well, it is very common that veteran actress needs some facial treatment to maintain her look in front of the camera. Barbara Walters is not the only one of veteran Hollywood celebrities who has had facial work done; Kris Jenner, Helen Hunt, Katie Couric and some other celebrities also have it too.

In addition to having a facelift, she also appears to have had a neck lift. As the evidence, her neck looks very nice and firm. Unlike other women of her age, Barbara Walters doesn’t seem to have the excess fat or sagging skin around the neck.

Moreover, we can also notice that her eyes appear wide open and free from under eye bags or drooping skin unlike many other women experience when they are getting older. It makes us speculate that she has undergone upper and lower eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty). Additionally, her forehead also looks so youthful which may be as the result of forehead lift.

Well, Barbara Walters has not officially talked to public about the rumor, but if she really has some work done to her face, I need to say thanks to her plastic surgeon. She looks fantastic for her age.

One Beverly Hills plastic surgeon offers an explanation.

“Barbara Walters appears to have had another facelift combined with way too much fat or filler injections,” Dr. Ashkan Ghavami says.

He calls the intervention “the last straw” in plastic surgery, saying she looks overdone, just like Melanie Griffith also does.
However, he believes her face hasn’t settled yet and that it’s still showing some post-operative swelling.

“The combination of excess pull and too much fat transfer are likely the culprits here,” Dr. Ghavami adds, stressing that Walters had too much fat removed from under her eyelids, which caused an “A line” deformity.

Walters hasn’t addressed rumors of getting work done yet, but there’s no denying that she had something done. Pictures really are worth a thousand words.

Barbara Walters was looking decidedly youthful while attending the London wedding of her cousin Nancy Shevell, who married Paul McCartney on Sunday.