Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Bar Refaeli Plastic Surgery Breast Implants, Nose Job Before and After

Everyone must be agreeing that Bar Refaeli is a beautiful woman with sexy figure. Of course, she must. If she doesn’t she would never be a famous model. If you are not familiar enough with her name, you can search it from reference websites, but shortly she is a famous Israeli model. But I’m not sure if you don’t know her. Bar Refaeli has appeared in some famous magazines like Elle, GQ, Maxim and Sports Illustrated. So, what’s wrong with her? Yeah, you know every person who gets posted in this website is linked to plastic surgery.
Beside she is sometimes made controversy in her native country, the woman who ever had relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio also invites people outside her country to discuss about her. But we won’t talk about anything here but her plastic surgery.

Bar Refaeli is one of the top models which are come from Israel. She has already started her carrier as a model in her earlier age. Moreover, she is also having a close relationship with Leonardo di Caprio. Appearing in certain commercials and becoming models make her famous in her 23rd. She is not only famous in her native Israel, but she is famous worldwide.
Bar Refaeli is commonly doing photo session for beach wear, therefore, having a beautiful body is becoming a good assets. The natural beauty of her breast actually got from the breast implant. A good breast implants has been got by her. The large breast will be becoming the most important assets for her carrier. The slim body and the big breast is becoming everyone hopes. Therefore, when it is caught in one package, she seem have perfect assets to support. In addition to breast augmentation, she is also doing the rhino last which helps her have a sharper face shape and smoother cheek.

So, what she had?
Have you noticed her boobs? What do you think with those? You should know that many people out there assumed that those are fake boobs. Bar Refaeli considered has plastic surgery of boobs job. You know her chest area was not that full in the past. Breast augmentation or even breast implant are the proper words to describe it. It’s easy to see that, isn’t it?

Bar Refaeli has an amazing body, and it does appear that she may have undergone breast enhancement by the look and voluminous shape of her bustline in the bikini photos,” plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden stated.

Beside some works done on her boobs, Bar Refaeli also has nose job. You can try examining her before-after pictures. Rhinoplasty or nose surgery is what happened to her today’s nose. At least that is what the rumors say.
Let’s listen to a Rhinoplasty specialist in Beverly Hills, California, Dr. Paul S. Nassif, “Difficult for me to tell exactly, but I think her nasal tip looks a little smaller. It she did have one, it was conservative and it looks good.”

Okay, it’s time to you to judge. However, with her recent appearance, it seems need a long time to Bar Refaeli to stop herself linked with plastic surgery.

It has to be noted that plastic surgery amongst supermodels is common, especially nose jobs and breast implants, leading "Body Work"…Breast and Body Contouring expert Dr. John Di Saia to surmise that Bar has: "At least breast implants."
Bar may also have had a rhinoplasty, another common plastic surgery procedure amongst supermodels.

Dr. Paul S. Nassif, a Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon and Rhinoplasty Specialist in Beverly Hills, Calif., states: "Difficult for me to tell exactly, but I think her nasal tip looks a little smaller. It she did have one, it was conservative and it looks good."

Although Dr. Nassif specializes in the face, he also notes Bar’s large chest, saying: "They do seem a little large to be natural."
Dr. Shafer quoted as saying: "Compared to the SI photo, Bar now has two new moles on her abdomen which were not previously present. Her inner thighs also seem to getter farther and farther apart. I doubt this is due to lipo or another other procedure."

Dr. Walden claims: "Bar Refaeli’s facial features do not appear to have changed much since she was a child. Her nose looks more proportionate to the rest of her face, which could be the result of a conservative rhinoplasty or just growing into her features. It does look as if she has had breast augmentation, as her bust seems too wide for her frame."