Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Abbey Clancy Lips Job, Facelift and Botox Injections Plastic Surgery Before and After

What’s it all apout Abbey Clancy?
Abbey Clancy looks like a completely different person after plastic surgery.  She overdid the Botox injections on her face which resulted in a super plastic look.  Notice how shiny and almost stiff / cold her cheeks and forehead look.  Also, she had Restylane lip implants.

Abbey Clancy gets her nicotine fix after finishing a workout at her local gym.
One suspects the woman strolling by Abbey Crouch’s side on Thursday probably wasn’t her personal trainer.

Indeed, the female friend didn’t bat an eyelid as the WAG pulled out a pack of cigarettes and sparked up – shortly after leaving her local gym.
Abbey Clancy has been getting herself in shape as she prepares for her imminent appearance on Strictly Come Dancing after signing a lucrative contract worth a reported £35,000 a week.
Having relocated to London while she practices her foxtrot, the Liverpool born model headed to the gym for a brisk work-out this week before linking up with a pal for a stroll in Primrose Hill.
Dressed in a black gym vest, lycra leggings and trainers, Abbey hungrily sucked on her cigarette after leaving a nearby café, where she was spotted checking messages on her phone while they sat at an outdoor table.
The pair appeared to have plenty to talk about as Abbey got her nicotine fix, a plastic bag of shopping slung over one arm.