Sunday, March 31, 2013

Adrienne Maloof Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job, Botox and Facelift

Adrienne Maloof Photos Before & After Plastic Surgery! Plus- What Has She Had Done?

Many viewers wonder what plastic surgery Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Adrienne Maloof has had done. We were curious also, so we did a lot of research and found photos of Adrienne throughout the years, found out what work Adrienne has admitted to having done, and also read other plastic surgeon’s assessments.

Adrienne’s ex-husband and well-known plastic surgeon, Dr. Paul Nassif, has stated, “My wife, Adrienne Maloof-Nassif, had Botox and facial fillers.” Other people seem to think that’s not ALL Adrienne has had done.

A well-known Miami plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Salzhauer, adds, “Adrienne Maloof appears to have had multiple facial enhancements procedures such as Botox to her forehead, cheek enhancement most likely with a filler such as Sculptra, a browlift giving her that high brow arch and a Rhinoplasty giving her that subtle scoop to her nose.  Her cheeks appear a bit over-done but the rest looks pretty natural.”

Adrienne Maloof Bullied By Other Housewives Over Plastic Surgery

Adrienne Maloof has been at war with her fellow ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ co-stars, and they are not holding back! Outspoken Brandi Glanville and normally reserved and polite Lisa Vanderpump have both come out in the media with full blown insults directed at Adrienne Maloof, and more specifically, her plastic surgeried face. Among other things, Brandi has called the quality of Adrienne’s plastic surgery “discounted rate” and after Adrienne insulted Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant Villa Blanca, Lisa mocked photos circulating of Adrienne before plastic surgery. Only in Hollywood do woman think it’s fair game to insult someone for having plastic surgery, when they too have gone under the plastic surgeons knife!

So just how much plastic surgery has Adrienne Maloof had, and is it really that bad? Adrienne has certainly had her fair share of plastic surgery but it really is nothing more or worse than any of the other housewives. Adrienne is 51-years old and like all of the other Real Housewives, uses her fair share of Botox and injectible fillers. She occasionally gets her lips plumped, but nothing too extreme, and she has breast implants. The two procedures that Adrienne has had, that stand out in a not so good way, are her nose job and what may have been a somewhat recent facelift.

Although Adrienne keeps pictures of herself before she had rhinoplasty surgery hidden away, her nose has obviously been worked on. Judging from the size and shape of it, we would guess that she had her first nose job in the 80′s or early 90′s, when plastic surgeons typically whittled noses down to these little pinched Barbie noses regardless of how such a nose would fit in with the patients other features. When comparing Adrienne’s nose after rhinoplasty to her brother’s noses, it’s quite obvious that she is no longer sporting the Maloof nose that she was born with.

Although getting a bad nose job is not exactly her fault, it is slightly ironic since Adrienne was married to celebrity plastic surgeon Paul Nassif, whos specialty is rhinoplasty surgery. Perhaps that is how they met?!

More recently, it looks like Adrienne has added to her plastic surgery profile and got a facelift too. Her face appears pulled and overly tight and her entire face looks swept upward. Adrienne’s eyes are more slanted and her brows are elevated as well, which are all telltale signs of a facelift.

Judging from the photo comparison of Adrienne Maloof throughout the years, she probably had a facelift in the last 1 – 2 years and we feel that she is at her plastic surgery tipping point. Will she be able to ween herself off of the plastic surgery now that she is no longer married to a plastic surgeon, or will being single and dating in her 50′s lead her down the path of more plastic surgery?

We’re almost midway through the second season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, so what better time to bring you some more old school/before they were famous photos of your favorite BH housewives!

Above is picture of a younger Kyle Richards with husband Mauricio Umansky and sister Kim Richards.

Below are more awesome before they were famous shots of Lisa Vanderpump with husband Ken Todd, Adrienne Maloof and a younger handsome shot of hubby Paul Nassif, plus more before pictures of Taylor Armstrong and Camille Grammer!

Lisa Vanderpump Mocks Elusive Adrienne Maloof Plastic Surgery Photos

Just as sure as the sun will set, a day cannot go by without a nasty snipe for a Real Housewife. Lucky us, today we get a two for one. Both Lisa Vanderpump and Brandi Glanville have trained their sharpened class (yet again) at former friend Adrienne Maloof. As petty as these squabbles tend to be, there's usually an ounce of truth in them. Though this time, it seems like Lisa and Brandi are attacking Adrienne for something that's not really true.

It all started when TMZ approached Lisa asking if she knew about the new eatery Adrienne was opening. Apparently, the former BFF had been bad-mouthing the Vanderpumps' restaurant Villa Blanca. Lisa coolly quipped that she loved the before plastic surgery pictures of Adrienne in Star Magazine. It gave her a nice laugh. Ouch.

If that wasn't enough, Brandi lashed out too. Her feud with Adrienne and Paul Nassif reached epic proportions this season. Insults hurled, lawyers called, wives taking sides, etc. Well, according to Radaronline, on this Monday's episode, Brandi pokes fun at the fact that Adrienne has had more nip/tucks than all of them and cheap/discounted plastic surgery at that. So uncalled for.

While watching these women go at each other is extremely entertaining, I have to call bulls**t on this latest diss. I have taken a look at Adrienne's face -- before and after stardom. And I have to say, I don't see that much difference. In fact, I would say Lisa's changes are more dramatic. I think if you are going to call someone out on their bad plastic surgery, there should at least be real evidence of it. To Adrienne's credit, she's always looked plastic and waxy. I think Lisa and Brandi are running out of good material. And since Adrienne announced she won't be returning to the show next season, the ladies will have to find a new frenemy to obliterate.