Friday, March 29, 2013

Adrien Arpel Plastic Surgery Before and After Facelift

Adrien Arpel's products keep her young – yeah, right!

Found this video of Adrien (back when she wasn't Adrienne) in a talk show called "Attitudes" back in 1989. She discusses marriage, makeup after 40, and plastic surgery. Even though she wasn't even selling her Signature Club A on HSN yet, the spiel is the same. You can read all about Queen Bea's odd love for Adrien here.

Adrien Arpel’s products keep her young – yeah, right! She is almost 70 years old and sellings anti-aging and other beauty products on a popular cable channel. Whenever you see her on the network, her lips are appear stuffed to the limit, her aging cheeks are weirdly plump for someone her age, and her upper face does not move when she talks.
Adrien Arpel Facelift Plastic Surgery

A few years ago Adrien Arpel had a facelift that made her look dramatically younger.  The plastic surgery really filled in volume around her cheeks and removed her droopy look.  Overall, it was very good plastic surgery.  Here's Adrien Arpel before and after her cosmetic surgery.