Saturday, January 25, 2014

Dick Van Dyke Plastic Surgery Before and After Eyelid Surgery Photos

The legendary actor Dick Van Dyke has had a Blepharoplasty sometime in the past, as there is a clear difference in his recent and past pictures. In the previous pictures of the star, he was appearing old as his lower eyelids were lowered down his face. The new pictures, however, show a totally new Dick Van Dyke who has a much fresher face and who also looks younger than his actual age. Some of the previous pictures which were captured back in 2006 show that he had dark circles around his eyes which were really making him old. The new look was gained after he underwent this cosmetic procedure which is known as Blepharoplasty.
Dr. Anthony Youn and some other experts in the field of plastic surgery believe that he has had a surgical procedure in the near past, as he is enjoying a totally new look these days. The same expert also believes that the actor has been using some filler as well to maintain his look. Earlier, there were some wrinkles and lines appearing on his face which no more appear now. It seems like he has started using Botox injections to maintain his youth. The actor was born in 1925 in Missouri and is famous in industry as an actor, writer, comedian and producer. His career spans six decades. The brother of Jerry Van Dyke gave many renowned movies to his fans, including Bye Bye Birdie, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Mary Poppins.

The speculations and rumors have been swirling around the web that actor Dick Van Dyke may have had a blepharoplasty and hence he is a cosmetic man. Dr. Anthony Youn has examined the old and new pictures of the star and he says that it seems like the old actor had a lower eyelid blepharolplasty.

The photos captured in 2006 are showing us another story than the photos captured this year. The previous old pictures are clearly showing us the real story of the old man where he is looking aged and with wrinkles on face
The recent pictures, however, say that he is young man who has not faced a single wrinkle and line on his face and who has nothing to do with signs of aging. Dr. Anthony Youn finishes his research by saying that he has had an eyelid surgery but he also thinks that the actor also uses some kind of fillers as well like Botox injections.

The veteran actor was a guest speaker at the ICG’s Emerging Cinematographer Awards.

“I’m surprised everyone’s out on the final night of Breaking Bad -- you’re all recording it I bet,” said Dick Van Dyke as he took the stage at the DGA Theater on Sunday -- surprising an estimated 500 guests at the International Cinematographers Guild’s 17th annual Emerging Cinematographer Awards (ECA) ceremony.

“My relationship with cinematographers has always been very, very good,” said the legendary actor, who after an enthusiastic standing ovation, told a few stories and shared a lot of laughs. “I only had one kind of strange experience, on my first day on Chitty Chitty Band Bang. I’m sitting in makeup and the cinematographer Chris Challis -- a wonderful man and great cinematographer -- motioned to the makeup guy, and I heard him say, ‘What are we going to do about the hooter?’ And the makeup guy said, ‘I’m not a plastic surgeon.’

“After that I went to a plastic surgeon and he said, ‘you can’t do it now, you’re established.' So I just let my nose grow."
He also shared a few beefs he has with evolving technology. “I myself am a Lightwave animator … but I think it is being misused. When I saw Jurassic Park, I thought, ‘what a perfectly judicious use of this medium.’ Now it's the whole movie; people get tired of it, I think.
"The other thing is the use of the handheld camera. If you are going to shoot up my nose I don't want to watch. I think the camera should be a fly on the wall, watching what goes on. That’s just me talking -- as a member of the DGA."
As he arrived, the actor told The Hollywood Reporter that he had seen Disney’s upcoming Saving Mr. Banks, based around the making of Mary Poppins, which starred Julie Andrews and Van Dyke. “It’s great,” he said, adding that he had not known all that went on to get the movie made.