Monday, January 6, 2014

Dayana Mendoza Plastic Surgery Before and After Botox, Nose Job, Breast Implants Photos

Dayana Mendoza may not be the biggest celebrity out there, but this young lady from Venezuela was crowned the most beautiful woman of the Universe... Dayana Mendoza, Miss Universe 2008 is indeed a very beautiful woman and we wonder if she, as many beauty pageant contestants got some plastic surgery to achieve her look.
Dayana Mendoza plastic surgery nose job, botox injections, she said that it is a personal decision: "The only problem is when you do not resemble yourself anymore after" .  When asked whether she had surgery herself before the contest, she said that it would be like asking a lady her age, so she didn't say "No"..

We couldn't find before pictures to compare, but rumors in Venezuela are that she got a rhinoplasty to better define her nose. Dayana Mendoza breast implants were something to check and we think that she maybe got breast implants, they are very round and projected even in a bikini.

For now we think that's all, she is for sure going a lot to the gym and eating very healthy to maintain herself as beautiful as she is.
25-year old Dayana Mendoza, former Miss Universe 2008 and Miss Venezuela 2007, who recently got chosen to be in the cast of the new “Celebrity Apprentice,” while gorgeous, was aided with some cosmetic plastic surgery.

Dayana Mendoza Plastic Surgery Before and After

It is not that we are not aware that beauty pageants are rigged with cosmetically-enhanced women. These days it is rare to find a truly “all natural” woman in any beauty pageant because to win, they basically have to join the plastic surgery club or be left out.

As for Dayana Mendoza nose job, she admitted a few years back that she had gotten a nose job and a breast enhancement in preparation for the competition.
In the article “Why does Venezuela keep winning Miss Universe?” the online Observers site stated:

Dayana Mendoza plastic surgery, the Venezuelan who won Miss Universe 2008, caused quite a scandal when she admitted to having had resorted to plastic surgery. She’d had her nose and bust operated on before the contest. And although it’s not disallowed, she got a lot of criticism. …

“According to Venezuelan weekly magazine Version Final, Dayana Mendoza had work done on her nose because she found that it was ‘too droopy’ when she smiled. And she thought she was ‘too flat-chested’ to be Miss Universe.”