Sunday, April 7, 2013

Alex Rodriguez Plastic Surgery Before and After

Do all of pro baseball player A-Rod‘s women have plastic surgery? A recent article in we says so. Check it out here.

I was interviewed this week by In Touch Weekly magazine regarding Madonna‘s possible plastic surgery. Check it out in the upcoming issue.

Maybe A-Rod doesn’t mind his women having some plastic parts? If that is the case, then maybe his next girlfriend will be Jocelyn Wildenstein!

Alex Rodriquez and Cameron Diaz called it quits in September 2011 but apparently there are no hard feelings. A-Rod is still gushing over his ex.

Alex Rodriguez, tell me it aint so? I can’t believe an athlete of his caliber used steroids. His sad response to him using banned substances was “back then it was a different culture.” It was not any different then. It was wrong then and it is wrong today.

What do all the women in Alexander Rodriguez’s life have in common? While some might wonder if this is another A-Rod joke, the punchline is true: they all had plastic surgery. While everyone is focusing on A-Rod’s extramarital relationships, few may have noticed an interesting fact that has been overlooked with all of them — they all had gone under the knife.

Cynthia Rodriguez, Breast implants

Let’s have a look first at his wife. Cynthia Rodriguez, or C-Rod as she is more popularly known these days is divorcing her husband, baseball player Alexander Rodriguez (A-Rod) for his extramarital affairs. A-Rod has also had widely reported relationship with Madonna, although it said to be non-sexual. So what do C-Rod and Madonna have in common, despite their significant age difference? Hard bodies and plastic surgery.

C-Rod is a 34-year old mother of two. She also has a bodybuilder’s body, with strong muscles. It is no wonder that she met her soon to be ex-husband in a gym, where they were both working out. In a photo shoot for a magazine, Cynthia showed off her rock hard body, completely with what look like very obvious breast implants.

When women build up large amounts of muscle, the fatty tissue in their breasts nearly all but disappears, so many women opt to get a breast augmentation to help give their appearance more femininity. This seems to be what C-Rod decided to do as well. Her breasts look stuck on and are very far apart from each other. Although her arms are raised, they are still very high on her chest. They have all the aesthetics of breast implants.

Plastic surgeon John Di Saia says, “I figure she’s likely had breast implants.”

In the future, C-Rod will likely have more plastic surgery to maintain her appearance, like her rumored rival, Madonna.

While Alex Rodriguez continues his battle with allegations of further performance enhancing drug accusations, it is interesting to reflect on measures that he has taken in the past that are, in fact, both cutting-edge and legal, and that have enhanced his career.

In 2009, Rodriguez used five platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments to accelerate healing and recovery following hip surgery that left him in pain. His trainers were amazed to see how much faster A-Rod was able to get back into playing baseball. This is remarkable considering that hip injuries often spell the end of a baseball player’s career, since at every swing of the bat is a huge stress on the hips. He joins a list of prominent athletes, including Kobe Bryant and Tiger Woods, who have claimed benefits from the use of PRP.

According to an article in the NY Times back in 2009, it was noted that hip injuries were on the rise in MLB. “No studies have been published to confirm this phenomenon. But many trainers and orthopedists say the anecdotal evidence is jarring.” Medical staffs for Major League Baseball teams and franchises in other sports constantly deal with hip problems with their athletes. In addition to Rodriguez, those with a history of hip injuries include Chase Utley of the Phillies and Carlos Delgado of the Mets.

PRP therapy may seem relatively new for athletes and sports medicine, but it has actually been used since the mid-1990’s in dental and oral surgery and in plastic surgery to aid in soft tissue recovery.